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CaRP PHP RSS Parser. Convert RSS feeds to HTML for display on your website

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CaRP PHP RSS Parser. Convert RSS feeds to HTML for display on your website. Fully customizable to match your look and feel. Auto-updating content attracts visitors and search engine spiders. Downloadable free version. CaRP – RSS to HTML Converter

An example of using Carp’s “replace text plugin”

Scenario: You use rss affiliate feeds on your blog, but all the links point to “” (your readers know your an affiliate), you also have a co-brand from your affiliate program.

Fix: By using the “replace text plugin” you can change “” on the fly to “” now your readers do not know that your an affiliate and they cannot steal your earnings by replacing or deleting your affiliate I.D..

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For only $99, He is offering (which will include SEO Content Factory, Affiliate Afterburner/WP, ExPop, all of CaRP Evolution’s plugins, etc.) and more, this is a tremendous deal. Have a look now, what can you lose!

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